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Hero vs. Dragon, 1987

For a period after graduating from High School I was doing a lot of watercolor.

I never was much for sword and sorcery stuff. Dragons and faeries and guys in armor. I never got into Lord of the Rings or The Hobbit or any of that stuff. But I loved my comics and science fiction. The fantasy stuff was just not realistic.

The exception was probably Matt Wagner’s Mage series, which I had discovered when I was in driving school, which would have been 1986 or so. I really learned to appreciate the Arthurian Mythology in that. Mage was a reimagining of Arthur’s tale in a modern venue. I loved it.

This watercolor, really just a vignette, stands out because it is in a fantasy vein. I even (gasp) took the time to do a drawing in pencil before laying down color.

I suppose it’s similar to Robot Fighter, 1982 in that it’s a little guy up against a big guy. Something about the underdog definitely appeals to me. Always root for the underdog.

I suppose that underdog is me.


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