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Estero Beach Wooden Fish, 1993

Yo compre un pescado de madera en la playa Estero, Mexico

From my journals. An illustration of a wooden fish I bought on the beach at Estero, in Baja California.

We were staying at the cheap campground on the resort, waverunning and such. I haggled and got what seemed like a good price. I think I gave it away as a gift, but I honestly can’t remember.

Estero Beach now has a website: — yeah, we stayed in the RV campground. I’d stay there again. It was a good time. I went there with my aunt, my uncle, and my sister.

This was the time when I was the most scared of dying. I got thrown off the waverunner in heavy surf and could not get back on. I was a few hundred yards offshore, the surf was high, and I could not see anyone, onshore or offshore. Utterly alone, awkward, and tired, I struggled for quite a while, thinking I was doomed to die.

Well, I didn’t die, and the waverunning was pretty awesome.

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