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Joe Japanese Cute Style, 1990

Joe Japanese Cute Style, 1990

That’s 15 years old! Wow.

When I drew this I was deliberately trying to draw something in a Hello Kitty way. It’s not till a few years ago I heard the term super deformed, so I termed it “Japanese Cute Style.”

Superdeformed is (from wikipedia):

In anime and manga, characters which are drawn in a highly exaggerated manner are said to be super deformed (SD) or chibi. Super deformed characters are typically small and chubby with deformed limbs and oversized heads, and may be used to express intense emotion, especially in the cases of anger or surprise. They are meant to be cute and are often used in humorous diversions from the storyline.

I like the details. If you click through to the flickr page you can see some annotations of what the various parts of the drawing are.

You’ll note I’m sporting a cheesy mustache here. This is the same mustache as the one in the photo on this namebadge.

I love my shoes there. And I love that I pictured myself wearing a They Might Be Giants T-Shirt. It’s the original “Hayseeds” TMBG shirt. You can still buy that one.

Ah, callow youth.

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I think that makes Southpark chibi? I loved TMBG. I still have an old concert poster from when they were playing bars that only fit ~50 people.

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