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Twenty Years From Now Book, Joe Crawford, Age 8, 1978

Twenty Years From Now Book, Joe Crawford, Age 8, 1978

100’s and 1000’s of dollars.

Note: at the time my Dad was a Physician’s Assistant, a PA, not a Doctor. That’s a distinction that my 8 year old self could not make. Wears white coat? Helps people? Works in hospital? = Doctor.

Here’s the text:

By: Joe Crawford

I want to be a doctor because they help the sick and my dad is a doctor.

Also, being a doctor you make 100’s and 1000’s of dollars a year. I will have a wife and three kids. And for transportation I am going to get a Porche. For fun I’ll go to Disneyland, Magic Mountain and fairs. I’m going to live in San Diego in a little green house.

What is this? Why it’s this:

What will you be doing 20 years from now?

Room 10 at Park School thinks they know…

Grade 3
Spring 1978
Mrs. Pfeiffer, Teacher

This is Park School. I used to walk to school from the apartment we lived in which was literally two blocks away. I went there for grades Kindergarten through third grade. This is the school where partway through K, they bumped me to First grade. Being promoted like that was critical to my formation as an adult, though in retrospect it might have been easier on me to not have been.

Does anyone really know at age 8 what they want to be when they grow up?

It’s funny, but the internet already existed in 1978. Little did I know.

And I wanted to drive a Porche?

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