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Omega the Lazy Dog, 1987

Omega the Lazy Dog, 1987

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Omega was the friendliest dog in the world.

She did not really understand that we owned her. I guess it’s all a matter of perception.

Many times we’d get phone calls from people saying “we have your dog, the kids love her” — we would go to the place and she would be surrounded by kids, giving her cuddles. She was happy to see us, but she’d have been just as happy either way I think. I guess it’s hubris to say that my family “owned” that dog.

I think it would be quite something to apply a similar philosophy to life. As Strong Bad said in SB Email #94, “‘CAUSE YOU CAN’T CONTROL ME!!”

I think the “you can’t control me” philosophy was very Omega. Although I think Omega was on a whole other philosophical level, she didn’t even understand the concept of control or being controlled. Wild.

It’s Friday man. Welcome to the weekend, baby.

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