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Tank Landscape, 1990

Tank Landscape, 1990

This was drawn as part of my brainstorming a Christmas card in the run up to the first Gulf War. It’s supposed to have a melancholy feel. I think given that the tank is sort of unrecognizable, it has a science fictional quality.

Interesting to me that 14 years later and we’re dealing with Iraq and desert warfare again.

I was pretty naive and hopeful that we would not have war happen for Gulf War I, and Gulf War II for that matter. I do wish we had managed and would manage the occupation of Iraq better. We seem to have made a lot of mistakes along the way and taken our eye off the ball in terms of the actual, active threats provided by nimble terrorist groups. Of course I’m not even mentioning the threat of other nuclear governments.

Feh. Politics. Go read TMV if you want politics, I don’t have the energy to write about it here.

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