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Spoils of Google Talk: Cantenna Illustration

One of my pals, Binary Wolf, and I, spoke for more than an hour (was it two?) yesterday — about all topics. Quite a wonderful conversation between two cable-modem havin’ guys.

Turns out he was looking for a logo, and right there on the audio call, I whipped up an illustration that now graces his Pringles Cantenna page. For a one off drawing I did and scanned in a few minutes, it was very gratifying. He described what he wanted, and I whipped out this:

Cantenna Illustration v.1

This was a little raw, so I refined it and scanned that and got this:

Cantenna Illustration v.2

Which in turn had some cantenna details wrong, so in Photoshop I tweaked and messed, and even added a genuine image of a Pringles can, about and the final result is this:

Cantenna Illustration v.4

I dig it a lot. I got mad skillz yo.

Granted, it’s not my best drawing ever, but for someone who has been, in this space, mythologizing his drawing skills of _the past_ but providing precious little in the way of _new_ drawings, it was a terrific exercise. _I’m drawing!_

So go visit Do-It-Yourself Wi-Fi Antenna Update and of course and most especially, the Pringles Cantenna page.

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