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New Orleans and Katrina

Damn difficult to blog about my drawings as a 15 year old with New Orleans underwater and in apocalyptic chaos.

In addition to work going into this 3-day weekend, here’s what I’m looking at lately with regards to New Orleans.

The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers Missisipi Valley Region
Wikpedia: FEMA (I teared up as I read what FEMA’s responsibilities and capabilities are. It’s been gutted in the name of the Department of Homeland Security. The Federal response to this sucks. was a site that was working to get a plan in place to protect Louisiana’s coast. Too late.
Mr. Bill and the inevitable Hurricane (windows media)
Doc Searls on a Disaster Management guy from LAs Vegas who is not impressed with the Fed response to all this.
From several years ago: Times Picayune from several years ago predicting most of this
Hurricane Housing dot org up and running and a vital piece of the communications pie. cell phones may be weak, but craigslist keeps humming. Donate to LA
People TURNED DOWN from helping people get out of New Orleans. A damn shame: ” Thanks but no thanks”
Bureaucratic screwups seem to be the norm.
NOLA View: A weblog: absolutely heartbreaking scary stories here
Lots of good coverage over on
Some good maps of NO, on the NYTimes website
Ted Koppel grills FEMA head Mike Brown. Sorry, but expressions of stern interest are pretty weak. Get your ass on the job Mr. Brown.
jwz has a nice set of links from yesterday
Nice short collection of photos that tell the story
more photos on
CNN covers misinformation, lying, ignorance, and the huge disconnect between incompetent feds and boots-on-the-ground people saying it’s a mess
slightly confusing (and too small) map of NO with recent sat imagery
actual progress: trucks getting in. how many days later?
Other nations offer aid and assistance
Interdictor is a LJ by a webhost/colo facility in New Orleans. riveting stuff, the guy’s a nut, but he gets several million points for style AND substance
Slidell Hurricane Damage Blog: it’s not just New Orleans
Lots of Overhead Photos

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