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Cleaning out the hard drive, from March, 2000:

3990 Ruffin Road
San Diego, CA 92123

The following confirms an agreement between, Inc., a Delaware corporation (the “Company”) and *Name (referred to in this agreement as “I” or “me”). I understand that this agreement is a material part of the consideration for my employment with the Company:

1. Proprietary Information. I understand that the Company possesses and will possess Proprietary Information which is important to its business. For purposes of this Agreement, “Proprietary Information” is information that was or will be developed, created, or discovered by or on behalf of the Company, or which became or will become known by, or was or is conveyed to the Company, which has commercial value in the Company’s business. “Proprietary Information” includes, without limitation, information (whether conveyed orally or in writing) about algorithms, application programming interfaces, protocols, trade secrets, computer software, designs, technology, ideas, know-how, products, services, processes, data, techniques, improvements, inventions (whether patentable or not), works of authorship, business and product development plans, the salaries and terms of compensation of other employees, customer lists and other information concerning the Company’s actual or anticipated business, research or development, or which is received in confidence by or for the Company from any other person. I understand that my employment creates a relationship of confidence and trust between me and the Company with respect to Proprietary Information.

I don’t remember anything from bidland’s technology other than that they had their own in-house templating language and that every transaction with the (Oracle) database was handled in stored procedures that the DBA wrote.

Bidland has not existed for several years.

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