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Horseshoe Mountain Pottery

Yesterday we visited Leah’s sister’s family in central Utah. It was a great time. We made chocolate leaves! Crazy.

One of the things we did was visit Horseshoe Mountain Pottery in Spring City, Utah. It’s beautiful country out there, and the pottery was beautiful.

See Joe’s Studio, where he makes the following set of statements, quite unique I think:

These are hard economic times. The art market seems to be on hold. Please consider making more of your gift giving purchases at Horseshoe Mountain Pottery. Think of us for birthdays, weddings, anniversaries and holidays. Consider pottery for your business associates, employees and clients. We can even do something special for large orders.

This pottery is made with daily use in mind. It’s intended venue is the house hold dinner table, the kitchen, the hand and the mouth. I am mindful of this scenario when making the pots. I want them to integrate in use rather than demand attention. I try to make simple shapes with minimal decoration while still meeting the aesthetic needs of the people who use them. This works best for me. I have a great appreciation for the work of potters who employ more active surfaces. I do not intend to say here that this is the right way to do it.

It’s so cold here, but beautiful.

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