Married, moved, and getting it together.

From Kanab2005Dec31

Where they have no free wireless and won’t let me plug in my laptop… “viruses” is the reason. Please Kanab City Library, learn from San Diego and get some free wireless!

Ho hum. That’s some sad.

Regardless, work must be done, offline. I’ll be uploading later.

Some milestones:

In 2006 this blog will turn 5 years old. My first post was in February 2001.

Meanwhile, I’ll have been building webpages in one form or another since 1996, which is 10 years of making HTML.

I’ll be 36 years old this year. 10/36 is 27.8% of my life. Meaning for a quarter of my life I’ll have been “on the net.” How cyberpunk is that? Jack into the matrix brother.

So so much more to come!

Happy New Year. May Blessings Abound for you and yours.

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