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“My advice to * is”

So I was reading Oso’s latest entry: Advice to Oso From The World, well, actually, I saw the headline in my gmail “web snippets” – the low budget RSS reader build into gmail and I presumed I knew what it would be about, thinking it would be one of those web services things where you can query google for “my advice to oso” and get all kinds of wacky results. Well, instead he disappointed that presumption and was all sort of obliquely self-examinationy, something I myself have not done, at least no publicly for a while. I commend Oso for trying to get at that core thing. Trying to get to that core self-understanding and reflection that is REALLY REALLY HARD WORK.

Kudos, Oso.


So I did the google query for “my advice to Joe” and got all kinds of interesting results. Funny, odd. And since Oso is not really a common appellation for people, well, I also did “David” — for you Oso. Since I thought that was what your post was gonna be. So here’s google’s web’s world’s advice to Oso:

  • “my advice to David is to make sure the company‚Äôs brand is properly aligned with its product set and sales strategy. ..”
  • “My advice to David is to take the advice I got ie to ask for opinions of mouthpieces to try rather than mouthpieces to buy. “
  • “My advice to David is that he needs to make more Black friends. “
  • “My advice to David is to minimize his losses.”
  • “My advice to David is, DON’T DO IT! “
  • “My advice to David is that he’s giving The wrong advice,”
  • “my advice To David is predicated on the principle that you suggested: the Institute for Writing Center Revival is actually located In a …”
  • “My advice to David is to KEEP IT UP. …”
  • “my advice to David is keep thefansforum independant, that is The wishes of The Members.”

And here is the advice to me:

  • “My advice to Joe is that he shouldn’t wait for Al Gore to make a decision. …”
  • “My advice to Joe is my advice to everyone: Measure now, and measure often! “
  • “My advice to Joe is to grow up and quit being such a whiny butt.”
  • “My advice to Joe is that if he can’t handle the ads for Tripping the Rift (which are aimed at adults and are probably more suitable after 9 pm, …”
  • “My advice to Joe is to not even talk about the book at all,”
  • “My advice to Joe is, things can change,”
  • “My advice to Joe is to just chill a bit.”
  • “My advice to Joe is to forget it. that lens is not worth The cost and effort.”
  • “My advice to Joe is keep his eye on The Three: IBM, Sun, and 3Com.”
  • “My advice to Joe is, things can change,”
  • “my advice to Joe is simple : to avoid further deceptions, make it clear what is offered for the price. or you will keep having negative REVIEWS and comments”
  • “My advice to joe is to learn about your sons choices as best you can and also to support him.”
  • “my advice to Joe Is to eat Sh*t loads of paella on his way to portugal and he”ll be a hero”
  • “my advice to Joe is – don’t.”
  • “my advice to joe is to get rid of Norton AV (and all other Norton 2002 or later products) As soon As possible.”

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Brilliant. I think I’ll probably follow at least half of it. I love the fact that the advice, “keep it up” (cough cough) comes from an erotic short story.

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