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The Gas We Pass

Sunday morning Tyler and I, and then Leah, and Tony, were drawn into a discussion of farts, and whether they were the product of Satan, or God. It was a pretty good discussion which turned out to have general agreement that farts are not generally good or evil — they are of us and our bodies, created by God, so they’re neutral.

The question in the world is “How we use that gas?” Are we passing gas to the greater glory of God?

Silly, I know, but it gave us all a chance to talk about the inherent nature of the world, and how we can act in concert with or out of concert with, our Higher Power.

In my experience, discussing farts with teen and tween boys was a valuable “teachable moment” — in part because it was a valuable teachable moment for me.

And I’m not really kidding at all.

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some folks say that since farts are caused by methane which in turn causes global warming, and since global warming is sin, then farts are of the devil…

Dude, can’t speak for you, but my gas is truly of evil descent, and that has nothing to do with intent or other with how I choose to employ it. Truly evil, no other way.

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