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V for Victory

So back in july I posted Steampunk Anglo Warrior, 1990, and I mentioned V for Vendetta, getting lots of press for being a rabble rousing movie. I was perusing my giant list-o-feeds from the San Diego Bloggers site which pointed me to this post and which in turn pointed me to this Interview with Alan Moore. It’s coming out tomorrow, and Monday is my birthday, so I think my birthday gift to myself is to see it this weekend.

I read this post by James Wolcott last month and it got me thinking the thing would be quiote good. I have high hopes for it.

Randomalia: Beautiful weather today. Boys won their basketball game last night in a very tense match. Tyler was *everywhere* on the court, and Tony was Mr. Rebound. And I was telling Leah and Dev about the USC/Berkeley Basketball Prank. Kind of an icky scenario. Speaking of Dev, I’m a bit worried about Devon, he’s not sleeping, as far as I can tell. Alex may be working with us soon, which will be cool. And Leah has a cold which occasionally produces lots of nasal drips. But dude, she’s so strong, she made great spaghetti last night anyway. And don’t tell the boys, the “meat” in the sauce was actually tofu ground-beef-a-like. Class is good, I have some pictures and a movie to post soon, but not just this second. I’m feeling pretty good. Made some contracts with myself to carry out before Monday. We’ll see how I do. Life is pretty good. Learning lots, paying attention. Avoiding Mr. Capricious, embracing Mr. Plus. And oh, got a haircut last Sunday. Real short. Apparently what I wanted was a #4 on the sides, and a #6 on top. What are these barber numbers? Hirstute argot.

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If you are looking for company to see this film, let me know. I too am curious about how much they’ve bastardized the storyline.

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