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Matt Groening Interview

I really enjoyed this Matt Groening interview. More or less for Sassy.

I’ve been enjoying Matt G’s work since I was about 15 years old, with the original Life In Hell comic strips which were syndicated to the San Diego Reader. I saw him speak at the old San Diego Civic Theater which is in the heart of downtown. This was at Comic Con, maybe 1988 or 1989. It was really inspirational to see this person who had become a hero to me start to get some acclaim and his point of view would be getting onto television! The buzz for the Simpsons, even before it came out, was pretty huge among the indie comics fans of the day. I still laugh at his stuff, including watching Futurama with my stepkids and Leah.

Great stuff. I also think that his appreciation for Frank Zappa has influenced his point of view. I think that both men have influenced me too.

Aside: There’s a Frank Zappa wiki! Holy cow!

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