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Noam Chomsky @ West Point

Awesome video. I like hearing Noam speak. He may not be easy to agree with, but he knows how to formulate an argument and provide evidence, as opposed to mere bloviating.

I read about this appearance on Red State Son:

You’d think that when someone like Noam Chomsky speaks to West Point cadets about US imperial history and the high power hypocrisy that justifies it, there’d be a lot of online commentary, across the board. Personally, I didn’t know anything about this until a friend mentioned it to me the other night — so yesterday I looked it up, and there was Noam, laying down the righteous s**t in front of an audience of well-scrubbed, soon-to-be butterbars. It’s an hour long, but worth the time.

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also, butterbar = military slang for “a Second Lieutenant; a reference to the insignia of rank – a single gold bar”

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Yes I agree with you, Noam Chomsky is a great speaker.
Hes arguments are easy to understand and logical to the most people.
I guess he does a lot of preparation before he speaks.

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