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Mexican Flags Make Some People Crazy

What the heck is up with that? Confused? See: San Diego Blog: Del Mar Fair

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American says:

Installing the colors of Mexico on the pole with the colors of the US is at no consequence and should not be because the United States is a corporation, yes it is (a business), (check it out) and who cares, it means nothing. Now if you were to fly the Mexican flag with the American flag then we have a problem. The problem being is that America and what it used to stand for and still does in some peoples mind and heart would be tarnished with all who fought and died for this country to be free from control. In today’s age most everyone just wants a warm feeling of a huge melting pot where everyone can feel good and get along with each other no matter what the consequences, because most all people are illiterate, do not read the documents that give them their rights and freedoms so they are making decisions based on their feelings. Illegals include Mexicans and many other breeds but in California that is who we share the boarder with so we have more. I don’t have a problem with Mexico or its Mexicans, my problem is with our many governing agencies because they are allowing illegals to do what they do, most of the people in this country are illerate and don’t care any more or never cared . If the fairground committee wants to fly a Mexican flag then maybe they should fly the flags of every country so it is more fair to everyone concerned and it welcome all to enjoy. Maybe it is because of whose statue greets you at the main entrance. If we the people took control back from the politicians (lawyers) we would not have these sorts of problems.

Concerned American

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