Married,moved,and getting it together.


You know how Matt Drudge always posts his crap and rumors and when they’re half-baked or haven’t even hit the oven he ends them with “DEVELOPING…”

That’s how things are right now. Percolating. Toasting. Bubbling. Whatever developing metaphor you can think of, it’s that.

I know it’s not satisfying for me to post music lyrics, but tough luck, it’s great to work to New Order, and here’s the lyric infecting my head. Oblique, and not something I identify with this second, but it’s engaging music to work or drive by.

we’re like crystal (hey)
we break easy (hoo)
i’m a poor man (hey)
if you leave me (hoo)
i’m applauded (hey)
then forgotten
it was summer (hey)
now it’s autumn (hoo)

i don’t know
what to say
you don’t care
i’m a man (just tell me what i’ve got to do)
in a rage
with a girl
i betrayed

here comes love
it’s like honey
you can’t buy
it with money
you’re not alone anymore (whenever you’re here with me)
you shock me to the core
you shock me to the core

we’re like crystal
it’s not easy (hoo)
with your love (hey)
you could feed me (hoo)
every man (every man)
and every woman (and every woman)
needs someone (hey)
so keep it coming
keep it coming
keep it coming
keep it coming
keep it coming
keep it coming
keep it coming
keep it coming

When I was in high school I dug New Order. What a story. I’m sure I’ve blogged about that before, ah yes: “Eddie & Comic-Con“. Talked about my fetish for Ian Curtis and his suicide. Not my bag anymore. But the province of young men is to be entranced by angst and deify intense feelings. I’m a big fan of intense feeling myself, but not to the exclusion of rational self-examination.

It’s neat to rediscover a record (I still call them that, even when they’re digitized and stuffed into iTunes) I bought in 2001 — and about which I said the following, and I even mention unironically Joy Division:

The surprise for me was the new New Order record — Get Ready — listened to it at work and it’s nifty! Bit of a time warp to have a new NO record. Their best song is Turn The Heater On – a hauntingly beautiful song in a vast repetoire of haunting and beautiful work.

And I’m not even talking about the incomparable depths of beautiful despair that is – Joy Division.

I’ve been blogging for five years. Easy to forget posts. Easier to google for them and find little snippets of myself. Am I in pieces? Do I contradict myself? Very well I contradict myself.

I contain multitides and yet I am but one man. Truth. Beauty. Change. I embrace thee.

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Dance music is like dairy. Once it gets old, you want to throw it out. New Order is one of the few exceptions to that that rule.

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