Married,moved,and getting it together.

Overdrawn at the Memory Bank

In 2002 I wrote, in House-Sitting and Other Things (Long):

I’m trying to get my head screwed on straight. Quite a challenge these days, as I really feel like I don’t know what I’m doing.

It’s been a heckuva year so far. I hope so much that things settle down soon, but I think the stormy seas, for me, for my friends, for the country, for the world, will not abate anytime soon.

Still true. The nonsense in Isreal, when I can take a breath and not focus on dealing with the challenges and stressors in my own life, is galling. I hate the devastation. I hate the hipocrisy on all sides. I hate the contributions made to the Isrealis and to the Palestinians by us, by Syria, Iran, et. al.

What a stupid, stupid mess.

Do the hard work and deal with the reality of your conflicts! The world is totally worth living in.

On another note, one of the songs at Mass today was number 666. I chuckled a little, but in truth, it’s just a number. Just like 13. Or any other number. Numbers are numbers. Numbers can sometimes hurt (like being overdrawn) — but they’re not a measure of worth.

It seems like a lovely day. I have some work to do, but it sure seems lovely.

And to part, here are two recent photos of Leah and I you can enjoy:

Leah @ CityWalk Joe @ Santa Barbara

Leah looks great, no? I look sort of pensive there, though I think that’s just me processing some French music when we went to a big free French festival yesterday in Santa Barbara. It was pretty cool. Very mellow vibe.

Here’s to more mellow-vibe-ing today.

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