Married,moved,and getting it together.

Oh angel eyes / Am I deceived / Or did you sigh?

Sick last week.

No longer sick this one.

So much to do so little to say!

No, seriously, hi y’all.

A few things: Go see Idiocracy, it’s puerile and gross and dumb and smart as a tack. Definitely rated “R” though. You have been warned.
I still like Kinokuniya very much.

I’m looking forward to Griffith Park Observatory reopening in the fall.

The Moorpark Packers (featuring two of my stepsons as players, another as a coach, and my stepdaughter as an assistant) are back in business.

Leah is pretty funny and is rewriting.

The weather is nice, but still pretty hot in Ojai.

I had fun last week reading Political Interpretations of the Wizard of Oz.

And look, we were cute in Utah, though squinty from harsh overhead noontime sunlight:


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