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Simi Valley Nukes

Now here’s some local history I didn’t know: Report Claims Simi Valley Nuclear Meltdown Has Been Causing Cancer For Decades. How wild. This is not actually that close to us, I mean relatively. But I’ll be watching the news. Here are two articles on ye olde Wikipedia: Santa Susana Field Laboratory; Rocketdyne Santa Susana Field Laboratory Contamination.

Funny, on the radio yesterday NPR was talking about nuclear power.

I think nuclear may be the way to go, but then I also think nuclear power requires such quality management that our own governments don’t have the capacity to manage nuclear power.

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Thanks for the links to some nuclear history. These events are obscure enough that even some of us on the inside aren’t too well-informed about them. (Also, they are government stuff versus the private sector nukes we have now.)

If you’d like some perspective on nuke plants today, with entertaining qualities, see

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