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I’ll not go walking in the mountains today

I like that line. Read Joe the Potter.

Potters Journal: Taking the deer
I read Lost Coyotes blog this morning and left my response. Today is the opening day of Utahs deer hunt. It is like a state holiday. I believe the kids get Monday off from school. Ill not go walking in the mountains today. Last night I could hear the boom of rifles being sighted in at the range east of town. I have fond memories of the pre-dawn excitment waiting with my father when it was still to dark to see or shoot. Those we great times. He is a very good shoot having distiguished himself during his army days in California. Neither of us care to hunt much anymore. It wasa mostly to put meat on the table but the memories are priceless. He always took me to very remote places where he had spent time as a boy and where most Utah hunters dont go. The time alone with him was good medcine. My mother can cook venison better than anyone I have met.

posted this 16 years ago.
What else did he post in October 2006?

(Saturday October 21st 2006 at 2:50pm)

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