Married,moved,and getting it together.

wit and wisdom of people i read

when will flickering candles, orange haze, undulating shadows and the face of the one you love cease to be the best television ever? – stew

With all due respects to Bob Barker, I would have bet anything that he was already dead. And I would have bet everything that “The Price Is Right” was no longer on the air. I’ve got to start watching more TV. – j-walk

You’re not really having an adventure unless knowledge of your blood type is required beforehand. – coop

Luckily, the coroner who lives next door refused to supply the scattered body parts they sought to complete the illusion. –  defamer

I turned into a Democrat just to be rebellious. – leahpeah

After all, their application ran perfectly on the System/3 and there was no need to change it. – daily wtf

Today is Halloween, and may I just remind you how much I don’t like this holiday? – mark evanier

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