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Guitar Man at Circle-K

Guitar Dude 3 @ Circle-K, 2005

July of 2005? I believe we were on a drive back from, or to, San Diego and we stopped at a Circle-K — I think it was in San Marcos. And this dude was minding the store, and practicing his shredding. (And yes, wikipedia has an entry for shredding).

Leah snapped these photos, though for the life of me I’m not sure she ever wrote about it. I think she was the one who asked him if it was okay to be photographed.

I’ve been cleaning house on my servers and found the photos, so there it is.

Update: she did post it.

posted this 17 years ago.
What else did he post in November 2006?

(Wednesday November 22nd 2006 at 7:01am)

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How awesome! San Marcos was my hometown and for a second I thought I had real Metal Shredders in my backyard.

He has that amazing metal rocker hair.

we were on our way to michelle’s house, so i don’t think it was san marcos. i think it was closer to leucadia or maybe solana beach.
i did post, but only briefly:

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