Married,moved,and getting it together.

How would I lay me down to sleep?

I don’t think I mentioned it, but several weeks ago I went to the Cathedral for Mass. I think it was around Thanksgiving.

Anyway, I took some time after Mass to explore a little and I visited the Mausoleum downstairs. I found myself really compelled by the place. It’s solitary and quiet, nestled under a Cathedral meant to stand for hundreds of years. It occurred to me that it was exactly where I’d want my remains interred.

I’m 36 years old, and not prone to such mortal thoughts. Nonetheless, there was the thought, and I liked it. I’ve no idea what it costs, but given that Gregory Peck is laid to rest there, it just might be pricey.

Still, that desire is there. Something in me – perhaps narcissistic, perhaps egotistical, that makes me want my remains left there. Perhaps some other urban pseudo-apostate, pseudo-devout Catholics to see my name — in 2107, or 2207, or even 2507 — and wonder — “just who was that Joe Crawford?”

Perhaps I’d have my domain name engraved, so they could look me up!

Joseph Arthur Crawford
1970 — 2XXX*

So, what would I leave behind for them to find? Maybe just these documents.

Something to ponder as I move forward. It doesn’t feel morbid to talk about, but it’s a dark thought, to be sure. I feel hopeful though. I have much to contribute.

*Note the small optimism there, to live to 21XX I’d have to make it to 130 years old. To do that, I’d better lose some more weight! I wonder if they’ll still have “http” in 200 years?

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