Married,moved,and getting it together.

Mr. Terse Speaks

Man, has it been several days since I posted? I have not much to say since the dental procedures. They’re feeling good, but there’s more in store – I still have permanent crowns/bridges to be installed.

Bummer factor: I have a cold – serious sniffles, which was a partial rationale for getting rid of Mr. Beard. When one has a runny nose, one does not want tiny extensions coming out of one’s face to capture said runny-ness. And so, I am once again clean-shaven. Leah liked the beard, but she likes the naked face as well.

I have a post about Children of Men that remains incomplete. Not sure when that’ll be finished.

Worked with Google SketchUp yesterdat with my stepson Ty. He and a partner are working on a “Rube Goldberg” device project for school. He picked up the basics of SketchUp very fast. Not bad that there are free 3-D modelers you can basically get working on in about an hour. Shades of The Diamond Age.

Speaking of Google Products, I’ve been every more impressed with Google Analytics, which I have set up for two clients now. It’s got some nice features for a free stats checker.

Yeah, having a cold is the pits. But the show must go on! Onward, that is.

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