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San Diego Uni High Class of ’87 Reunion

University of San Diego High School CrestI emailed Cathedral High wondering if there were plans for a University of San Diego High School Class of 1987 Reunion. This year it will have been twenty (TWENTY!) years since I graduated from Uni. I got back this reply:

There are plans. Martin Correia is chairing the event and is in the midst of putting the committee together. The reunion will be held the weekend of October 5-7. The 10 year reunion will be held at the same time (not in the same venue of course). Friday night will be a casual cocktail party here at CCHS with tours led by our students for those interested, light food, music, and beer and wine. Saturday night would be up to the individual classes to plan. We would bring the classes back on Sunday for a mass here in our chapel. I will get the details up on the web as soon as possible with a contact for Martin so that you can get the latest from him. I hope this helps.

Not sure I’ll be able to make it, but it’s good to know.

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