Getting Lost at Mardis Gras

Tuesday was Mardis Gras, and my Mom reminded me of the time I got lost in the crowds there. I had not remembered how old I was. Here’s the exchange:

Joe, Remember when you got lost att Mardi Gras?  What a scare that was.  We almost lost you twice in crowds.

I replied:

I do remember! That was a fun day. I was 12, right? Or 11?

I can’t seem to remember now.

The word is this:

You were 11 Joe and when I finally found you, you were having so much fun catching doubloons and beads.  You had a big smile on your face when I finally found you.  You made the best of the situation.

As I recall, I pretty much terrified them with that stunt:  here’s some musings on New Orleans which includes someof those rememberances: Robot Fighter, 1982:

I remember Mardi Gras. I remember getting lost at Mardis Gras. We had come over from Gretna to watch Parades. Maybe Bacchus or one of the other Crewes. We came over the bridge, and we were not really nearby home. I got lost. Apparently my parents were frantic, and trying to get the National Guardsmen to find me. Or were they Marines? Anyway, they were huge men in uniform.

Me? I watched the parade. I didn’t worry too much about finding my parents. I wonder if I felt I didn’t need to? Probably I knew that things would be fine, even if the streets were packed with thousands of people. Eventually the parade would end and I’d find my parents.

It’s funny, I think I’m at a stage in the blog where I’m in danger of repeating remembrances. The brilliant thing about the tools available is I can instantly look for whatever I want to on my site by doing a query like “mardis gras

That’s really all I wanted to say about that.

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