craigslist changes url for web jobs and rss feeds thereto

the url for “web/HTML/info design jobs” on craigslist used to be . I know this because until this morning I was subscribed to the RSS feed for those kind of jobs. That changed when the url for those web jobs changed to , which of course means that the RSS feed also changed.

Points off, Craigslist, for changing the urls of something people have bookmarked and subscribed to without any kind of notice or even notification. But bonus points for for choosing a better url for things artistic. I can only think you changed urls because you found that people were “guessing” the url “/art/” and getting confused. URLs are user interface.

If you look at Google right now for this search, you can see Google still thinks the old url applies. It’ll catch up soon I bet. inurl:/art/

If I had built any Yahoo Pipes or other applications or mashups based on that RSS feed, I’d have some changes to make.

Given that Craig Newmark is a web guy, I always looked at the /art/ url as a kind of nod to the “artistic” aspect of making web pages. A tiny appreciation of HTML geeks like me. I suppose that’s a bit of wishful thinking on my part.

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