New Commute Times

So actually, since my time to getting on the freeway is slightly less in the morning, it looks like my commute to Sierra is basically the same. This is pretty darn great. It’s an hour or so, hour fifteen in the morning.

The real new “commute” time is the time to drive the kids to their Dad’s, and that number is a scant 2 minutes. Left the driveway at 9:43 PM according to the dashboard clock, arrived at the other place just as the clock ticked over to 9:45 PM. This was not in a rush. If I were to ignore traffic laws I bet I could do it in a minute flat. It’s a terrible idea though, there are stop signs and left turns and stoplights, depending on the way you go. Let’s say it’s 3 minutes plus or minus 1.

The money we save on gas for shuttling kids around should be significant. Kids who can’t drive need amazing amounts of shuttling and taxiing. There’s after school academic projects, plus athletic practices, plus playdates, etc. etc. Being where the kids be at is a new revolution and we’re not quite sure what it means, but I think I said before, it’s a radical and wonderful and maybe a little scary development. I’m insulated from much of it since I’m at work during the day, but even I get pressed, happily, into service when I get home. It’s kind of fun, actually.

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