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Chemo on Friday for my Mom. She’s doing well.

I’m very glad I came.

Who can know what’s down the road?

Down the street

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Joe, Joe, Joe…. I hadn’t checked in on your blog in a while, but I have been thinkin’ of you and your family. Do keep the faith. Chemo and Cancer are not always as bad as they sound… my sister is Stage 4 breast cancer: metatisized to her brain, lung, liver, bone… and she is doing great. SO, I’m thinking your Mom could be doing great soon too.

Lots of love and good vibes coming your (and your mom’s) way.
000000 lots of hugs,
Jenn, aka JeSais

My brother died with head and neck cancer. I figure where he went I’ll go too. He just went first; like waiting on the dentist.
The hard part is over for him. I’m still waiting.
I told him I’d see him on the other side. And I believe it. So I don’t cry about it. Seriously.
I’m not sure about everyone else so it kind of worries me. (Believe it or not.) The things people have to endure in the process is also a major concern because I figure what happens to others could happen to me also. But if there’s a reason for everything then there’s a reason for that , even if it doesn’t agree with me. That I don’t understand a thing doesn’t mean it can’t be understood.

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