Philip K. Dick Gave Me Twenty Bucks

Meta: Is it just me, or does it seem like I am blogging again? Enough of this vox and twitter and flickr an especially bull. I will continue to use the services that have utility, but they take my eye off the ball as far as what I’m trying to do online. Look on my works, ye mighty, are unfocused… despair!

At lunch today I won $20 on a bet. I’ll take possession of the dough at lunch tomorrow.

The obscure knowledge in question was “Who wrote the book that Total Recall was based on?”

The answer is of course Philip K. Dick — the novelette was “We Can Remember It For You Wholesale” which I actually purchased as a chapbook at Comic-Con in 1990 and promptly lent to my buddy Chris Greazel. I think maybe I should ask for that back. Hah. Somehow I think that might be lost.

The counterclaim was that it was Robert Heinlein. Laughable.

Anyone want to take me on in trivia? I could use need the money.

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