“talk about a blog with a singular purpose”

Leah’s response when I sent her a link to lpcoverlover.com — a blog that shows the covers of old LPs was “talk about a blog with a singular purpose.”

Today there’s one I really like:

Music to read James Bond By

And Leah’s reaction was “oh my god. that is awesome.”

And of course she’s right. Soundtracks I understand, but soundtracks for reading? This is a new and incredible concept. Well, maybe it’s not actually a new concept, since this is decades old. But still.

I have spent more time than you may be able to imagine looking at old records — LPs, singles, 12″ singles, cassettes, CDs — and there are way more than you can imagine out there. I have the patience to look at every single record in a record store if I have the time. I just let the torrent of visual input — imagery, artist names, titles, the age of the record, how it has worn — wash over me. I would not be a fan of Dead Can Dance or Roxy Music were it not for running into their records in record stores and wondering “what is this?”

lpcoverlover.com features all kinds of records. ALL kinds. It’s a wonderful blog to let wash over you.

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Thanks for the nice review Joe. I guess your just the kind of guy I hope to share these covers with. Send me a favorite of yours and I’ll put it up with a link to your blog. Best, Matthew

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