On the todo list: Acres of Books

Acres of Books may be the “world’s largest used bookstore.”

As such, I think I want to go there.

I read about it on Mark Evanier’s blog:

I haven’t set foot in the place for twenty years but I bet it hasn’t changed much. I’m talking about Acres of Books, which is located in Long Beach, California and which is usually acknowledged as the largest second-hand bookstore in the world. It’s a huge place that almost seems to live up to its name. Back when I was buying old books, I often spent an entire afternoon in its aisles…which is what you kind of have to do if you even set foot in the place. You don’t just pop in for a quick check of a few shelves. I’ve known people to plan visits like one plans a vacation, including lunch at a pre-selected nearby establishment.

He goes on to say he visits used bookstores less because of internet retailers and places like Amazon. But I have a severe soft spot for real stores.

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