You have left the group websandiego.

You have left the group websandiego.

On March 19, 1999, eight and a half years ago, I started the websandiego mailing list. I started it on onelist at the time. They got eaten by eGroups eventually, who were in turn consumed by Yahoo. I’ve been a moderator and list owner since then, and it has been very rewarding. Everything I learned about managing a community and maybe even public speaking I learned there.

But times change, and tonight I unsubscribed. It’s all about excising those things in your life that are not directly relevant.

Should the unlikely event occur that I live in San Diego again, perhaps I’ll rejoin.

I left no note signing off to the list.

It’s been a pleasure websandiego, I wish you a fine ‘fare thee well.’ Keep in touch if you get the notion.

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Farewell Joe.
Hopefully the group will return to its former glory. But I have a feeling that the “gool ‘ol days” are gone forever.

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