Slow Commute

Slow commute

Luckily, I was accompanied by good audio. It’s raining in the Southland. This makes for slow traffic. But with Ze Frank’s If The Earth Were a Sandwich, The Who’s Baba O’Reilly, and History of the United States by Charles A. Beard and Mary Ritter Beard on Librovox, my 1:50 commute time practically went by in a flash.

Well, not really, but it wasn’t nearly as bad as it sounds as a measured amount of time to be driving in a car in the rain.

There was also a surreal and wonderful moment of — but I have no photo of it. As I turned north from PCH past Pepperdine, there was a herd (10!) of deer dining on the neatly manicured and newly wet grass on Pepperdine University’s front lawn.

Beautiful, serene, wet.

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(Friday September 21st 2007 at 7:28pm)

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