Blog Upgraded to WordPress 2.3

WordPress 2.3 is out and I have updated to it without incident.

The big new addition is tags, though I will need to update my themes to view those. I’ve never been quite comfortable with the Categories system in WordPress, perhaps the tagging in 2.3 is a good answer, I certainly enjoy tags in flickr and

Ha, spoke too soon. It looks like Google Sitemaps 2.7.1 is using an archaic construction (table ‘*_post2cat’ doesn’t exist) so I had to upgrade that plugin. Here’s some conversation on this change.

But all is not rosy, I tried to delete a new test post and got the message “You are not allowed to delete this post.” — not cool. So I set it to “draft” and will wait.

Looks like 2.3 has some quirks.

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What else did he post in September 2007?

(Tuesday September 25th 2007 at 7:41am)

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