Site Maintenance; Leah 2002

You may have noticed I’ve reverted the theme of this blog back to my prior black with zig-zag sidebars and away from the excellent free theme I had been using. In the end using someone else’s theme on my blog feels wrong to me. It’s not really showing my crufty personality and peculiar oddness in the way I would hope.

Today I moved some large files that were taking up space and not contributing to my site. It may not be obvious, but I have a boatload of old content on this site, which I’ve been systematically hiding, putting more emphasis on the blog. It’s time to go through these old files and keep what’s good, and scrap what sucks.

To that end, I’m doing maintenance today. And what should I find in amongst some setup files? Why there’s some old teeny photos of Leah from before I knew her. They’re from her birthday in 2002, I believe. She looks like she’s having a good time. Of course, I look at these and I know that these are from the time when her marriage was breaking up and a whole lot of other stuff was happening. But the straws in her hair are so cute, I felt I must put them up online.


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