Dead PHP3 Code

People don’t write PHP like this anymore, or, if they do, they get hurt badly. This is old code of mine. Timestamp is January 29, 2002. Yeesh.

$where_they_are = 'http://' . $SERVER_NAME . $REQUEST_URI;
if ($HTTP_REFERER!='')
{ $recipientlist='';
$emailsubject="visit to $SERVER_NAME via " . $HTTP_REFERER;
$emailbody="someone came to $where_they_are
ip address:  $REMOTE_ADDR
remote host: $REMOTE_HOST
user agent:  $HTTP_USER_AGENT
$lastname='Notification Email';
$recipientlist, $emailsubject, $emailbody,
"From: $firstname $lastname <$email>\nReply-To: $email\nX-Mailer: PHP/" .
} else { echo '<!--mailreferer.php3-->'; };

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