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From The Two Sisters

A diary is all about connecting to the past — but only through words. Here, the past was coming together in the present…in actuality! Two women from the same father, both testing the waters to see if this vague family bond matters in any tangible way. Who needs Brooklyn hipsters laughing at old diaries when I could witness real life?!

So awesome. I started reading Neil Kramer’s blog in the middle of last year, and to be honest I skimmed it. He’s a very funny guy, also very real — in person. I initially found his blog a bit too arch — too clever clever. But the new strain of authenticity mixed in with the clever clever I really like. I think I even understand the clever clever persona a bit more. You might enjoy reading Citizen of the Month.

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Thanks so much for the kind words, and your honesty. Like you know yourself, it is difficult to be honest on a blog. You’re never sure how much to reveal, so it is easier to be “clever.” I was definitely inspired by people like you, who read so openly about your life when I heard you at Leah’s reading.

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