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I was radar gunned by the Los Angeles County Sheriff in Malibu on my way to work. Got a pass because I was with the pack.

The day is beautiful. The Pacific was blue, shimmering, calm and inviting. If only the water temperature were higher. Ah well, no matter — yesterday I went swimming at a public pool in Malibu. It was windy but nice. I managed not to die, which was awesome. I was doing sprints and also did some breath-holding doing laps. I thought my head might explode but I made it across clean twice without breathing. As a younger person swimming underwater was easy as pie and I could hold my breath much longer. Working on conditioning is the thing. I want to have better stamina to enjoy the waves when the ocean temperature is in the range.

Half-considering just going in even if it’s in the 50’s Fahrenheit, though I doubt I’ll last long in there.

On the way home I got a call from my folks. My Mom’s new oral regimen of chemotherapy, meant to be taken daily, had too many side effects so she will cease and regroup. An appointment has been made to see the lead Chemo Doc to see what strategy is next (new drug? new dosage? new scheduling? live with side effects?). It was great to talk to my folks and sister.

Have I mentioned that my sister is getting married next month? Leah and I are flying out to Washington DC and it should be great. We’re all very happy for her. Her fiancee is a great fellow who I shall be proud to call brother-in-law.

In other family news, I helped Dev do his taxes (first time ever!) using TurboTax. He was very pleased and he’ll be applying his refund to paying off some of his own debt. I have to say I was pretty darn middle-aged and stepdaddish, helping him do his taxes. He had lots of questions as he went through their wizards. He actually had some 1099 income, W-2 income, and educational expenses. He also can no longer be claimed as a dependent on his father’s taxes so it’s really his thing now. He’s figuring his stuff out and I’m proud of him. I may not agree with all his decisions but he’s becoming his own man and he listens to counsel with earnestness. He’s got to be himself.

The kids and their Dad and Stepmom are all going to Spain this week and next so we’ll miss them but I gave Al my super-portable Spanish/English dictionary. I hope they have a great time. I entirely forgot that they’ll be there during Holy Week. That should be impressive for them. Leah and I feel a tinge of envy wishing we could do that kind of big trip — but that won’t be financially in the cards for probably three years or so. Hard to remember that we have plenty to provide even if money-wise we’re in a different position. Regardless, we’re taking care of business and them in the way we are able.

Thankful for reconnecting with Al. I’m also very glad to have never been and never having to be a teen girl. That’s a job I’d never want. Mind you, I used to suction sputum from people’s noses and mouths and airways, and I would prefer that to being a teen girl. Like Devon, and yet very differently, Alex is figuring out her stuff and I’m very proud of her and her accomplishments. We attended an awards ceremony and she was lauded as being supportive of the other kids and a standout. She is definitely that. I’m proud of the young woman she’s becoming.

Made some mix CDs for a buddy of mine over the weekend. That was a blast. It was all cover songs. I hope they will be enjoyed. I would post a tracklisting but I don’t want to spoil it for him. I may post a track list later on.

And with that, the week commenceth.

And hey, for old times, onward.

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big trips with the family are nice… but really, the best thing you can do for your kids/step kids is make sure your house is in order (per your previous post) and provide a soft place for them to land. That is invaluable. so I say to you and Leah, good job! and hugs from down south.

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