Sickness’ End and DOS Joe

This morning, after a fitful 14 hours of sleep, I woke up feeling better. This crud I got — microorganisms all taking over my whole nasopharyngeal area and causing systemic disruption that among other things caused me to miss swimming 3 days in a row. Actually, I shouldn’t go today either, so that’s like 4 days. Teeny tiny jerks! Stop messing with my life!

Leah has been a champ. I even randomly, on Friday went off on her about various stupid stuff around the house that normally we’d have a civilized conversation that would begin “hey, some things around the house are bothering me and I think we need a plan to get them done” — instead I suddenly started doing those random things and muttering that Leah never does anything. This was met with supreme restraint on the part of my partner, who then excused herself from the situation. Meanwhile, after doing 1 and a half of the things that suddenly bothered me, I collapsed in a heap unable to do anything more. I took a long bath and slept fitfully for hours. I woke up apologizing.

It’s a particularly interesting event to me because I see very well the guy who Jenny divorced, and who Leah got fed up with those many years ago. This is the pure “my way or the highway!” id version of Joe that apparently lies dormant. I like to think of it something like Windows crashing and you’re left with DOS. It definitely indicates that the transformation that’s occurred in me in the past two years is not entirely complete. It also indicates, contrary to what some of my co-workers think, that I do have strong opinions occasionally. No longer wishy-washy, I can be a jerk with the best of them.

Of course, the strong-willed version of DOS Joe also has bad judgment, no people skills, and zero patience. If I could harness the jerk part maybe I could be one of those genius-maniac type people who gets shit done. Sadly, I’d be a lonely crank. He’s not the person you want on your team. He might make a good Unabomber though.

This blog post is the second energy intensive thing I’ve done today. The first was cleaning out my nasopharynx in the shower — basically irrigation with water and expulsion — coughing and noseblowing — ith great force and energy. This process grosses out Leah. However, with the new configuration of the new house Leah need not hear it. That’s a nice win for the new place.

Hey kids, onward!

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