So at lunchtime today I went and swam again. A week without swimming is like a week without sunshine, baby! Good to get back but it wore me out. Maybe I should have stretched before? I figure if I ramp up slowly that counts as stretching for swimming, but maybe I need to rethink that.

Anyway, the second thing I did at lunchtime was hit the Moorpark Library. I picked up a few things, among them the DVD of the documentary (yes! more documentaries!) Murderball.

Man! What an amazing film. Aside from frank and adult conversation about sex, I think this is a movie I think everyone would enjoy and learn from. These are the real people who are para- and quadraplegics. The sport of Quad Rugby looks like a hell of a lot of fun, and it along with other sports at the Paralympics are basically complete sports for folks who for whatever reason end up with limited or different physical capabilities. They are able to push themselves and really compete. Also, the chairs look like weapons. Leah was a little dubious when I told her we were going to watch a movie called Murderball along with dinner, but she liked it too.

I wish I’d have seen it when it came out, but this way I get to see it free and maybe encourage someone else to check it out.

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