AIDS/LifeCycle – Sponsor Mok!

My friend and co-worker Mok is riding in the AIDS/LifeCycle — Mok’s Donation Page:

Mok is super cool, he advised me on where to find biking clothes and equipment down in L.A., and when I asked him where to buy swimming goggles, he pulled a pair out of his workout bag at work! That’s seriously good service. By day he’s a SQL Server database guru, but during the summer he turns into super-amazing mega-bike-ride man. I donated some money to the cause of fighting AIDS, won’t you?

He actually got in an accident last week, some jerk in a car hit him. He’s healing okay, but his bike is trashed. But he’s working on getting a loaner for the ride.

The bike ride is 545 miles–San Francisco to L.A.–that sounds like fun, but it also sounds like torture. He says it’s a great time. If I were in shape, I think I might do something like this. As it is, I’m just happy my back pain is less. 🙂

Go Donate!

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