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I have this concept of a post where in an Andy Rooney-esqe manner I complain about things that get renamed. But really I’m not complaining so much as I think of things with their original name. Some examples of this are:

The Del Mar Fair has been renamed “The San Diego Fair” and calling it “San Diego” just sounds wrong given that it’s held at the Del Mar Fairgrounds.

Another one is Qualcomm Stadium, which to me will always be Jack Murphy Stadium.

ArcLight Hollywood will always be just the Cinerama Dome to me.

Grauman’s Chinese Theater was renamed Mann’s Chinese Theater for a few years, but now it’s been re-renamed (un-renamed?) to Grauman’s Chinese Theater. I’ve no right to complain about that one.

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What else did he post in January 2009?

(Friday January 2nd 2009 at 12:58pm)

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The Sports Arena was the I Pay One Center for a time. I think everyone thought it was a joke at first! This was right after we got Petco Park, another favorite namesake.

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