30 Rock Appreciation

I have now looked at everything on the (not-safe-for-work named) blank yeah liz lemon. I was laughing maniacally at this site. Why? I don’t know, it’s not like I’ve not seen the images and heard the lines spoken, still, I laughed.

Two selections, they may not make you laugh if you don’t watch the show, sorry about that. If you have Netflix, you can watch the first 3 seasons on demand. You can watch more recent episodes, with commercials, online if you want:

Liz Lemon: You take a hot dog.
Stuff it with some Jack cheese
Fold it in a pizza
(with air guitar) You got Cheesy Blasters!
Liz Lemon: And all the kids say, “Thanks Meat Cat!” And Meat Cat flies away on his, um, skateboard.

Dr. Leo Spaceman (pronounced “spah-cheh-men”): If you want a shot you’re gonna have to dance for it.
(Liz dances)
Dr. Leo Spaceman: Very nice.

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