TPM Barnett on social networking technology

It’s about the people and relationships first, technology second:

I think one of the reasons why such connecting technologies get underappreciated or underused is that we manage to cast the whole process as some revolutionary new mode of behavior, when it’s not. The same interpersonal skills apply, it’s merely the scope and speed that changes.

I learned that on the blog: you don’t adapt yourself to the medium, you adapt the medium to yourself, because nothing else really works and the creation of false fronts loses out over the long term to authenticity in all its glorious forms.

From If the Internet doesn’t change the way our minds think, then why do we assume social networks change the way we communicate?, responding to A world of connections: Online social networks are changing the way people communicate, work and play, and mostly for the better, says Martin Giles, in The Economist.

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