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Speaking of blog migrations from Blogger to WordPress, here’s a successful one:

Initially Lura was hosted under Windows and IIS. PHP was installed on her former server, but it did not really respond appropriately and the various IIS/WordPress/”mod_rewrite” hacks did not seem to work. So I advised her to move to PHP/Apache. Things went pretty well until I realized that because FTP for that server had been flaky, I didn’t actually capture all the images on her blog. Lura’s backup also lacked those images. To top it off, didn’t have the images either.

That was a pretty catastrophic and terrible error. Luckily, FlareHosting, saved me by being helpful and responsive. They had the prior server available and I was able to carefully find and copy over the missing images to the new server. A run of linklint to verify my work and all was well.

I also had a small bit of fun changing her Art page over from manually maintained galleries to using her smugmug account as the source. It works a lot like how my brother-in-law Rick‘s “angling” page works (which I built back in 2007), basically pulling in a syndication feed dynamically using magpie under the hood.

As far as theme, Lura’s site has been pretty clean for a long time, so it cues off of her basic design in a custom theme. Very minimal, but seems to work pretty well. This was a fun project altogether. Learned a lot, and got to help out a friend!

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