Misc about SXSW

I am not at South by Southwest. Leah is.

I went, myself, back in 2001. That’s 9 years ago. Austin was a great town and I had fun.

These many years later what stands out is meeting the folks from evolt at Evoltageddon 2. That was fun–really fun actually — The Ginger Man was a great bar. At the time I was an admin for Evolt, a community of web developers. There were a few other people I vaguely remember seeing. My memory is fading. I think I ran into Matt Haughey between panels. I attended film panels and web, or really “interactive” panels. I especially remember going to the premiere of No Maps For These Territories, a documentary about William Gibson. I attended the Webby Awards, I think. I had fun, but I didn’t fearlessly dive into the social aspect. I think had I gone 2 years later I’d have been much more social. I can experience some of SXSW via the podcasts they will release after the show is done. Leah will be promoting her various projects and probably participating in a panel.

I miss her, but I know she’ll have a good time!

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