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Thanksgiving Trip Redux

Leah and I went back to California for Thanksgiving. Highlights included Thanksgiving with a turkey roasted in a Hotel room, quality time with the kids, who are now ages 16 to 21 and we are so proud of them; a playoff game for the boys that they unfortunately lost; seeing Tangled, which was good, going to a pub that was pretty good called Ladyface with Devon; visiting with my friend Chris and his great kids Diana and Zac (my godson); including having his tire go flat on the way to Kinokuniya in Costa Mesa; free wifi on Virgin America airlines both ways; reconnecting with my friend Vince and his beautiful family and house on the way from DC to Roanoke.

Lots of love, lots of learning. I’m thankful for safe travels and so much generosity of spirit from everyone we saw and have heard from. Still sending off DVDs to all who ask for them.

Just stepping through life and trying to thrive as Mom would want us to. Glad to be here with my Dad.

First major holiday without Mom. Difficult. Alien. But time passes.

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